Rizzo featured in CV Weekly

Interviewer: Where did you go to school?

Rizzo: Everywhere….however once I landed I was inspired to go to College of the Desert. I went through school as a single mom. I used the welfare system and pell grants to be able to afford my education. I even lived in affordable housing and was able to use the child development center at COD for day care. I tutored to earn extra money.


This is one of the many questions I was asked by CV Weekly. I sure do love the Coachella Valley.


Is anyone out there?

Ok, here I sit, trying to figure out what comes next.  2019 has brought an awaking that I can not describe unless you have found yourself facing the truth.  It sounds a bit intense to hear or read the word TRUTH.  Who’s truth?  It is rare that we answer without hearing the scope of the question.  We are all so cautious, never wanting to give too much insight to our inner thoughts.  Ok maybe not WE, I should use ME.

This is very brief.  I just want to see if anyone is out there?  Is anyone interested in connecting?



Welcome the new year

Many of us find ourselves here once again: perplexed, grateful, confused, happy, empty, full, and everything else we think we are.

This year will be the year that we allow ourselves to be US. US is all of us, each one of us, together…as a whole. The total energy of all our feelings…..successes, anger, fear, happy, love, connection…..All of US.

I happen to believe that the positive glows longer and brighter then the negative. The only thing required is to focus on the “Happy”…..joy, success, Love, peace, beauty, connections with each other.

My challenge for mySELF is to focus on love, whatever it means to me at the moment, for 1 minute out of the 1440 minutes in a day. If I go longer then a minute it’s ok….the more positive thoughts created the more positive energy that surrounds you.

So how do you do the shift? How do you get started with happy vibes….clear your energy.

Believe it is possible with ease!


Growing up I never understood some of the things people would say about me. I was called a social butterfly, a pre-Madonna, a tom boy, very bright, bottle of energy, inquisitive, talkative, moody, and that was just the grown ups. Many would ask my mom questions about me that I couldn’t tell you now, but the response was always the same….”She came out like that!”

“She came out like that!”…….? When I was little, kindergarten or so, I started to understand. I understood myself to be MORE than most. Meaning…I figured out that I was more to handle than the other children at my age. I talked more, I created more, I had more friends including the grown ups around….the janitor, the yard duties, the bus driver. I knew everyone, well maybe it was more that everyone knew me. I fluttered around as my mom would describe it.

As I ”matured” people seemed to be annoyed with my shiny ness. So from around 12 to 16 I attempted to ‘Stay Low’. Dulled my light. My awkward years….I’m sure you all understand. It was about this time my self imagine was not positive. Puberty sucked! As I neared adulthood my focus shifted to my future. Thinking more about who I needed to become, rather then who I was meant to be…….graduated from high school, I got married, got divorced, had babies, went to college, landed a professional career path, got married, had more babies, changed career paths, became licensed in cosmetology, changed career paths back, became a community volunteer and now here we sit. (In that order, yes I know, ping pong ball, lol)

Now here we sit: I’m gonna tell you something I discovered……if you shine bright the people around you shine brighter. As you allow yourself to embrace who you are and focus on ALL the things that you love, it becomes infectious. More people feel your energy and a little of your happy sticks to them. As it touches people, it grows, it spreads, it multiples……that’s what the world needs. That is what I learned so far in this adventure I call MY LIFE.

When you see/feel someone that is shining brighter then everyone else, go encourage them. Approach them and say thank you. Tell them how much you appreciate their energy. —–the more we hear that, the more we will do it!

Shine bright, be you, love you and give others the strength to do the same.



Spirituality versus Religion, A great article I wanted to share

I have found many wonderful things on my journey. The journey I didn’t realize I was taking until about four years ago. I feel blessed every day, so much gratitude. My perception and perspective have forever been altered. It’s different to see life as an opportunity. -R. Rizzo

Spirituality reminds us that we are not separate, there are no borders, no races and no cultural divides. All that is true is that we are all one and the only constant is Love.